Athena Gonna-Bite-You

In spite of her formal name "Athena Gonna-Bite-You," Athena is a very gentile dog.  One of her other names is "Mommy Missy" because she's the first to come ask whether you're OK when you yell ouch.  She also answers to Missy, Teener, Teener-Peener, or just plain Tina.

We adopted Athena and Apollo in 2000.  We got to know them over the summer by taking them for walks in the park.  When we moved to Delaware, they came with us.  Athena came into heat the week we moved in, so 2 months later we had puppies.  Emma is one of those puppies.

Athena is part cat.  She purrs when she's contented.  She also hates to get wet and needs extra encouragement to go outside when it's sprinkling.  When it's raining, it takes a leash to get her out.  When it's thundering, forget it.  She's scared of thunder and needs constant reassurance.  There was only one thing that could get her to stay outside in the rain.... her penny poopies (baby chicks).  She'd watch them for hours, rain or shine.

Missy "retired" her guard-duties a couple of years ago to let the younger dogs take their turn.  She did provide backup when they let her know something real was outside.  She retired as "alpha" dog this past year.  Ivan took that over.  However, we still feed her first in recognition of her former alpha status.

Athena just turned 10 at the end of November.  I'd love to say that she's still going strong, but this fall she developed diabetes.  (Our diabetic cat, Casper, just died and must have bequeathed his diabetes to her.) This winter she lost most of her eyesight.  She's adjusting well to both and, though she isn't as active as she was she still gets around.  I think she enjoys being spoiled by going out the people door rather than the doggie door and having shot-time twice a day.  She also gets to take enzyme pills at each meal, with occasional extras when she gets a snack.  She loves the extra treat! 

Athena at 3 years old.  She's looking out the window at her puppies who are in a yard attached to the house.
Athena enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

No real story here.  Just the amazing fact that we used to have tall grass and lilac bushes.  The donks and geeps have taken care of both of those "problems."

Here she is watching her penny poopies.
Oops, two got out.  Better guard them to make sure they don't get lost!
Athena at 10 years old.  It's starting to rain and she's a little impatient with me for making her stand outside in the sprinkles.

More pics of Athena to come.  Check back again later!