December 2007 pics of the Geeps - Geese + Sheep

Just a few pics of the view from our door.

Sheep heading for the barn and their breakfast.
Top Goose and his harem of two enjoy their breakfast.  Top Goose is the gray one. 
One of the ladies enjoying a treat at the base of the house steps.  They had just been playing in the puddles (this is one of the shallower ones) and I gave them some leftover peas and popcorn. 

By the way, do you know the never-fail way to summon geese? 

"Silly goose. Silly goose.  Honk-honk. Honk-honk." 

Be sure to drop your "aiches" and they'll come running every time! 

At 8-1/2 years old, Jackie is our eldest sheep and our only Barbados Blackbelly. She's not the herd matron, and sometimes doesn't even hang out with the others.  She was raised in a petting zoo, so she's very friendly towards people - especially if you have grain..
This is Jack, Jackie's 5 month-old ram lamb.  He has even less of a flocking instinct than Jackie and often strays far from the herd.  However, when he gets scared, he'll run to either the other sheep or to the geese.
Another geep picture.  The sheep are Opal (6 years old and the matron), Mammy's 5-month-old ram lamb, Milky, and Mammy.  They're standing in front of their shelter/hay station. 
More geeps.  The ram lying down behind the geese is Prince, the main man.  He is very protective of the herd.