Dancing Emma

Dancing Emma (her official name) is Athena and Apollo's daughter.  She's also known as Emma the Dancing Dobie, sung to the tune of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.   She is named in honor of Emma Goldman (the original "red girl") who insisted "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution."  And, Emma does love to dance.  She loves to pick up a piece of something and dance around while we sing her song. 

Here's how we ended up keeping Emma:  (She knows this story, so she won't feel bad if you relay it back to her.)  We had planned to keep a different pup.  Emma was set to go home with some nice folks.  The morning they were due to pick her up, Bob let Emma and Apollo play together one last time.  Emma had always admired Apollo and followed him around whenever she could.  Anyway... Apollo and Emma were playing and Bob heard a loud SNAP.  Apollo had just run into Emma and tackled her.  Ouch!!!  The snap was Emma's back leg.  Well, the folks came and took the one we were planning to keep and Emma, having been officially chosen by Apollo, stayed with us.  She healed up quickly and is very grateful to Apollo for having convinced us to keep her so she could stay with him.  They were very good special buddies and playmates until Apollo died.

Her other name is Peanut, short for Peanutbutterbuttamous, which has no relation to anything but her original nickname which was split-pea-brain. 

Here she is as a young pup. 
Eleven weeks old here.
Emma with her new cast.
And, not long before it came off.  She really could dance even with her cast on.
A 4-month-old Emma with her mother, Athena.
Emma's official one-year birthday picture.
Emma loves pillows.
And anything makes a good pillow.  This pillow is named Shinjin.
Here she is with her papa-dog Apollo for a pillow.


Lots more pics of Emma to come.  Check back again later.