Ivan the Terrorist

Ivan is a Doberman-Rottweiler mix who was born in a barn.  We got him when he was just a wee pup.  He got the best characteristics of both breeds.  He's slightly stockier than your average Doberman and has a Rottweiler's second coat so he's more cold-tolerant (in fact, he's miserable in the heat of summer).  Ivan is also known as Oovie, Voodlebut, Butt-Mutt, RottenAssPincher, and Boy Dog. 

Ivan is attached to Bob by an invisible string that causes Ivan (or Bob) to squeal if the other one is too far away. Unless Ivan's up to his own devices (read "up to no good"), in which case he doesn't squeal, but does check to see whether he's being watched.

Bob and Ivan in their traditional "movie time" positions.  Every evening Ivan lets Bob know when it's movie time. 
But, if Ivan thinks Bob might be planning to get up soon, he makes sure Bob can't leave.
A very rare picture of Ivan and Rose.
Ivan is Bob's helper dog.  Here they are bringing some hay to the sheep.
But Ivan is also always on guard.  He's spied some hawks.  Ivan loves to chase the hawks from our immediate sky-space.
Ivan also helps the lambs during feeding time. 

It's important that they be properly groomed!

After a hard day's work, there's nothing like a snooze.