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Most of my artwork lately has been in the form of ATCs.  Here's my explanation of what they are:.

What's an ATC??? Artist Trading Cards are works of art that are TRADED.  An ATC can be made from paper, fabric, plastic, metal, playing cards, wood, frosting (yep, you read correctly - it has been done!), or whatever.  They can be decorated with paint, collage, crayon, pencil, photography, words, buttons, thread, folded teabags, whatever you want to use to say what you want to say with your art.  They can contain elements that fold, slide, spin, or simply sit still.  Most of the ATCs I've seen are rectangular, but it's also OK to "think outside the box" and create an ATC that is any shape you want.  There are only two restrictions: 
  1. The maximum dimensions are 2.5" x 3.5"  (the size of a standard playing card or sports trading card).  Please note that this doesn't mean that they can't unfold into something larger.
  2. They are traded, never sold.

It's not a restriction, but it is nice if the card isn't overly bulky so it can fit into a sleeve that's made for trading cards.  (Many people display their cards in one.)  However, I gotta repeat that this isn't a restriction.  So, while I might not consider a pyramid with a 2.5" x 3.5" base an ATC, someone else might.

Who makes ATCs?  Anyone who wants to.  You don't have to be an "artist."  There are no age/gender/other restrictions.  What are you waiting for.... jump in there and create!

Where can you trade them??? If you're lucky enough to live in an area with other "ATCers," you can go to a live trading session where people get together to meet and exchange cards.  Otherwise, there are some online trading forums.  The one I'm participating in is and there are folks from all over the world meeting on this site to trade cards either directly with other individuals or through swaps in which participants send in a set of cards and receive the same number of cards from other participants in return.  Check out the incredible artwork available on this site and, if you're inspired to, sign up (for free) and trade some of your own creations.

 My Traded ATCs

Here are some of the ATCs (artist trading cards) that I've made.  These have all been traded.   You can see cards that are available to trade on this page

To cut down the amount you need to download at any one time, I'm breaking down the ATCs to several pages. 

Click on an image see a larger picture in a new window. 

Traded in Personal (one-on-one)Trades  

Needle Doodle Garden 2
embroidery and beads on fabric, glued to watercolor paper


Howard Carter (with attached biography booklet)
collage with watercolor background

Moonlit Path #2

Now You Don't
colored paper and tissue paper

Harry Z
zentangle inspired, ballpoint pen

In a Teapot series #1
Tympanist in a Teapot.
Colored pencil drawing, colored paper with paint, etc. for teapot

Cook the Books
Series: Play on Words #10
colored cardstock, markers
(See with oven door open.) 


Samples of other artwork: 


3D fish, glass removed from frame

the 3D fish, out of their frame, directly on the scanner

2D fish, mounted on fabric and unframed

A close-up of one of my lotus paintings.

Bob calls this one "peach in an innertube."

We saw a purple ocean one day.  Here's my attempt to recreate it.

Alien landscapes residing in my watercolor samples book.

Barns residing in my watercolor samples book.

Lotus residing in my watercolor samples book.

Open windows residing in my watercolor samples book.

  Check again later.  I'll post some more when I have a chance to take them.