Wool & Hair Sheep

Not many of these are currently on the Funny Farm.  A good resource of various breeds of sheep is found here.


Lamb Chop is a Suffolk.  He had white wool growing over his black basecoat.

Rib Rack is a Rambouillet, or so we were told.  He had a very beautiful shade of brown wool.

Lamb Chop, newly arrived in April.  Not much bigger than a hen.

Lamb Chop in early July.  Still on the bottle, but much bigger now.

Rib Rack and Lamb Chop in late July.  Lamb Chop has started to grow his fleece this month.

Rib Rack and Lamb Chop in late July.

Lamb Chop in early October.

Lamb Chop in November.

RibRack in November.

In the larger pics you can see the texture of the wool on these two.



Barbados Blackbellies in various stages of shedding.  Pic is taken in late May.

BBs are very slow growing.  They have very little body fat.

Twiggy was uncommonly thin.  This pic is not stretched!  Opal, to the left, is a Katahdin.

Barbados Blackbellies in November.

This flock is very interesting since they tend to move as one as if they were choreographed.

Several people have told us they thought Bertha was a calf.

Ruby is definitely show quality. And she knows it!  She's wearing her summer suit (end of May).

Milky pregnant and in full winter fleece.  To the left is a 6-month-old ram lamb.

In the foreground, two Barbados Blackbellies to the left and three Katahdin to the right.  That's Rib Rack in the background.  This is in July, so all the hair sheep are fully shed out. 

More pics of the Katahdin can be found on other pages.  Check the Critters main page for links to more pages of pics.