Pics of our family.

New/current stories & pics (added or updated in 2008 and about current critters)

2008 lambs (updated 2/24/08)

Family Pics (Feb 2008 to ??) (updated 02/24/08)

Geeps Geese+Sheep (Dec 2007) (updated 12/31/07)

Athena Gonna-Bite-You (updated  2/24/08)

Dancing Emma (updated 2/24/08)

Ivan the Terrorist (updated 2/10/08)

Older/other stories & pics:

Waking to Cud-Breath a.k.a. Abby & Amanda (goat kids) (added 12/25/07)

Wool & Hair Sheep (added 2/04/08)

There is more to come.  Here are some assorted old pics.

Three cats investigating three cats.
 Nap Time
Daddy's got food!
One Big Happy Family
Lap donkey.  With a special guest appearance of Bump the goose.
Lap donkey.

Come on now, I know you just wanna say "awwwwwww."

I spy a puddy tat.
Casper as a kitten.  He died in Fall 2007.  He acted much more dog than cat..
Chaos in a bag.
Bob and Apollo loved to play tug-of-war.
Ok, so these critters are strictly of the humanoid variety.  This is still my favorite picture of all time. 

Pictured are Bob and Faith, my grandbaby, visiting the ocean in 2001.